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Sesamtec is an innovative company focused on safety systems for the global oil and gas industry. Our solutions - both for onshore an offshore application - are based on patented innovative technologies and AI-algorithms which have all been developed by Sesamtec. Especially in this safety critical industry it is important, that products and solutions built from them, guarantee for the highest reliability achievable. Therefore all solutions offered by Sesamtec have been tested and improved over the last years with mayor international partners in the industry.

Sesamtec safety systems
cover these areas of application

  • early warning

  • general safety

Early warning &
equipment monitoring systems

  • acoustic level

  • gas sensor

  • acoustic pipeline

Acoustic level detection
in well bores

Sesamtec acoustic level detection in well bores is based on an “acoustic fingerprint” technology combined with AI-algorithms. The systems offers realtime monitoring of well bores for oil (level detection) and gas (dewatering). The following tasks can easily provided by the system at an unbeatable cost/efficiency ratio:

  • - Level detection
  • - Monitoring of field dynamics esp. with brown fields
  • - Pump protection against running dry
Available onshore & offshore

gas sensor arrays

Our new Sesamtec gas detectors technology can be used to detect combustible, flammable and toxic gases at a fraction of the cost of conventional detectors. Area-wide monitoring is now easily available even for complex industries such as refineries.

Available onshore & offshore

acoustic pipeline integrity systems

Sesamtec acoustic pipeline integrity monitoring sets a new standard in the industry. With our patented acoustic fingerprint technology in combination with our AI-algorithms Sesamtec is able to analyze and detect potential risks before thy become a threat to a pipeline:

  • - Detection of heavy machinery near the pipeline with indication of the type (e.g. excavators, compactors)
  • - Detection of the position of the event/threat
  • - Mini-leak detection
  • - Easily retrofitable on both surface and subsurface pipelines
Available onshore & offshore

General safety systems

  • fiber optic theft
    protection solutions

  • acoustic

fiber optic theft
protection solutions

The new Sesamtec equipment theft protection system based on fiber optics is the most advanced and most easy to use protection system for objects and facilities.

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Acoustic facility and
plant monitoring

Powered by our patented "acoustic fingerprint" technology Sesamtec is able to monitor facilities and plants for unusual noise and create an alarm long before something becomes critical. Signals detected can range from noise of equipment (e.g. rattling, fizzling,...) to the noise somebody generates when e.g. unauthorized climbing the fence of a remote and unmanned station. Independent of the background noise (e.g. thunderstorms, heavy winds, ....) this technology will create precise warnings of events, even at levels where the human ear is absolutely unable to hear anything. All that precise and without false alarms.